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Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

iPhone 13 Pro Max
(XVIDA Basics line)

premium iPhone 13 Pro Max magnetic phone case black
iPhone 13 pro max magnetic protective phone case
premium iPhone 13 Pro Max magnetic phone case black
iPhone 13 pro max magnetic protective phone case

XVIDA Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max is a sharp-looking, non-bulky, slim  case, made from durable, shock-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane. Designed to withstand life's bumps and drops by offering all-round protection and secure grip. Featuring tactile button covers and a lip that extends 1.3 mm above the screen and 1.5 mm above the rear camera for added protection. Even better, XVIDA Case seamlessly connects to the entire range of XVIDA magnetic wireless charging docks and mounts, thanks to our signature built-in magnets. 

*Will not stick to metal surfaces or third-party magnetic mounts/chargers.


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Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

iPhone 13 Pro Max
(XVIDA Basics line)



Thanks to built-in magnets, you can simply place your XVIDA Basics Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max on the XVIDA Qi wireless charging dock - magnets will lock your device in place and wireless charging will start automatically. Sleek design combined with unlimited functionality!


The XVIDA Basics Magnetic Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max - Rugged edition offers maximum impact protection. From shock-absorbing material, reinforced corners, to raised edges to protect your screen, this is the case you need to keep your phone safe and sound when out and about.


Made from two distinct hard and softshell layers, the case ensures that your phone is always fully protected even from unusually high drops. It is textured and grippy, while still sliding nicely in and out of your pocket

Technical Specifications

What's in the box?


Can I use this case with standard 3rd party Qi wireless charging pads?
YES, You can definitely use the case with any other non-magnetic 3rd party Qi charging pads or docks, you might already own. Magnets in the case will not have any effect on the charging performance with standard wireless chargers.
Is the wireless charging dock included with the charging case?
No, wireless charging docks are available for purchase seperately.
Is this a battery case?
Nope. This is NOT a battery case!
Is the XVIDA Case compatible with other magnetic mounting systems?
The XVIDA Case uses proprietary magnetic locking interface, designed for secure mounting and charging with XVIDA Magnetic Qi Docks. This is why we do not recommend using 3rd-party magnetic mounting systems.
They will not because the magnets are of a precise strength that balances magnetic hold and charging efficiency with our chargers, and not metal surfaces. In order for a case to hold to a metal surface, the magnets have to be stronger, and that would interfere with wireless charging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very bad

You send me an email asking for my feedback? “ We fulfilled your order from our store XVIDA 18 days ago and would love to get your feedback.”

Firstly the order is still somewhere in shipment. Is been 1-2 months and I’m still waiting for it to arrive so you didn’t fulfil the order 18 days ago is just a lie.

Secondly is frustrating enough the order hasn’t arrive but even more frustrating to get a reply from you. I had to buy the case again cause the first case I got just broke apart. I took photos and send you an email and no reply what so ever so I was force to buy another case if I wish to continue to use the car mount I got from you also!

Overall very unhappy with everything. Will definitely start looking to replace the car mount so I don’t have to buy your casing anymore and deal with poor service and product.

Steve James
Best of the Phone cases

Love my Xvida cases. With my window mount I have a place for my phone that keeps it charged and holds my phone in site for gps. Case also has protected my phones with my numerous droppings.. This is my third case and will continue to buy as needed. I do wish they would make in other colors so would be easier to find when I misplace.

Roman Slovenc

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Stefan Oberrecht


hector mota

great case

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